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Personal initial consultation

We offer you a free, non-binding and personal first consultation in advance. In this consultation we discuss:

  • your goals and ideas
  • your personal requirements and oppurtunities
  • your desired topic of the dissertation
  • the prospective university
  • the possible time frame of your studies
  • your course supervisor

For this we need (digitally transmitted):

  • tabular CV
  • diplomas and certificates
  • suggested topics for your desired Thesis
  • letter of intent
  • passport & photo


Admission requirements


In order to be admitted to the doctorate, a master's degree from a state-recognized university must be presented. In exceptional cases, we also provide access to your doctorate with a master's degree from the university of applied sciences; a separate admission procedure may be necessary. 300 ECTS must be proven for a European doctoral procedure (e.g. Bachelor 180 ECTS and Master 120 ECTS). In the absence of ECTS, we offer postgraduate courses through our university partners. Depending on the university, the program (e.g. DBA or PhD) and your time, the standard period of study for a doctorate is between 2 and 4 years. We are happy to advise you.

Selection of the doctoral topic


The focus of the course is on the development of a dissertation. You can choose the topic yourself. It is advisable to choose a professional field or a field close to your department so that your previous professional Focus benefits your dissertation. In this way, we enable an appropriate professional use of your academic research work and thus a manageable doctorate period.

During the doctoral or dissertation phase


... we accompany you personally and take over all organizational and administrative tasks for you, so that you can fully devote yourself to the preparation of your dissertation and the associated research activity.


After consultation with the respective partner university, we generally offer doctoral studies in German and English, possibly also in your national language. Please inquire beforehand.


You will either be supervised by one of our professors or we will be happy to help you find an alternative supervisor.

Services to be rendered


Depending on the partner university and the corresponding program, the doctoral degree is achieved through written work, the dissertation and any publications. In addition, there may be oral examination units and finally the defense of the dissertation. Your dissertation contains approximately 100 - 150 pages (including cover sheet and table of contents). Any attendance appointments take place depending on the requirements of the partner university, these appointments will be announced to you in good time.

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